Friday, July 24, 2009

Humpty Dunkty

LeBron James sat on a wall,
LeBron James had a great fall,
You admitted you smoked pot,
Stored the dunk tape to rot,
Can all The King's advisers,
And all The King's men,
Put LeBron's reputation back together again?

P.S. - Don't worry LeBron, its not like you got accused of rape or anything, you'll bounce back (now concludes The Hoops Manifesto's Daily Kobe Bryant Bashing Comment).


  1. Jeff....Great stuff dude. Hilarious.

    As for the SLAM article, yeah bro Johnny Flynn and Paul Harris both played for Grassroots Canada at one point. GC often plucks kid the same venues (Niagara Falls being one of them) and I guess not everyone is Canadian in the program.

    Thanks for the commentary and keep up the good work

    Zach Smart

  2. What's this pot thing? Can you post a link for the articles about this please, Jeff?

  3. Cool - I don't remember those guys playing for Grassroots but it makes sense due to the proximity.

    Moose - where have you been? Everyone knows about the LeBron pot story -