Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The King Gets Crowned

You are truly blessed - two new posts from me in just over a couple of hours. Give thanks and praises.

I couldn't pass up the chance to talk about the big news of the day. LeBron James and Nike are currently hosting a skills academy for high school players with NCAA guys as counsellors. The organizers claim it isn't a meat market because skill development is emphasized and college coaches aren't allowed to be there to scout. But then they go and invite NBA scouts to it. So, basically, it IS a meat market. Anyhow, as is common at these things, in the evenings the NBA players in attendance and the college guys scrimmage. And in the course of the scrimmage last night, Xavier's Jordan Crawford threw down a nasty dunk on James. No big deal, right? Everyone gets dunked on, especially in pickup games. Hell, I even dunked on people back in my prime and I wasn't exactly the second coming of Tom Chambers.

Well this has become a big deal because of the most recent news that leaked out about it. Apparently shortly after eating the ball, James called over one of his Nike reps and had a little tête-à-tête with him. Shortly after that this rep appeared before some cameramen at the event and confiscated all video of the scrimmage. If this is actually true (and by all current accounts it is), this is the BIGGEST PRIMA DONNA MOVE OF ALL-TIME!!!

Now we'd expect something like this from Kobe (sorry Kobe lovers, but I'm going to cheap shot the guy any chance I get - deal with it), but not from James. I'm sure LeBron and his people are feverishly working on an explanation right now, but the damage has been done already. Basically no one would have cared about him getting dunked on - it was just a little news blurb that would have gone away. Like I said before, everyone gets dunked on. Now this has become a major attack on LeBron's character and manhood, more than getting dunked on by some college kid every would have caused.

I know I called for James to be more interesting, but I didn't mean like this. And to think, this was the man who famously stated in a commercial that "dunk contests are bourgeois". No, Lebron, thinking you are above getting dunked on is bourgeois. Say it aint' so, King.

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