Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Gambler Takes It To The Air

The answer to an age-old question has finally been revealed with the help of Ball Don't Lie - What would happen if singer Kenny Rogers went up against an in-his-prime Michael Jordan on the basketball court.


  1. Two things--

    A. You didn't mention that there would be a glimpse of John McEnroe in there. I guess that's a treat for everyone who watched the whole video.

    B. I need a Lego Kenny Rogers. A lot.

  2. Yes, I left McEnroe's appearance as a secret. The thing that struck me is how good Kenny (and McEnroe with that hook shoot) are - plus, how hard the NBA guys were playing - they weren't just playing around.

  3. I noticed that as well. I would never have guessed that Kenny Rogers had such skills.

  4. Nice dish from KR underneath!