Sunday, August 16, 2009

Xavier McDaniel is Tougher Than You

So you think you are tougher than former NBA All-Star Xavier McDaniel? Here's proof that you're not:

- While playing for the Supersonics, the Seattle SWAT team replaced their battering ram with McDaniel's head.

- McDaniel needs a permit in most states to be in possession of himself.

- He's surprised he liked Saw 2 because he normally hates comedies.

- X gonna give it to ya, he gonna give it to ya.

- While going for a hike in the mountains of Seattle, he fended off a grizzly bear attack by raising his eyebrow.

- When it is time for Chuck Norris to die, it won't be the Grim Reaper delivering the news to him, because Chuck would roundhouse the Grim Reaper, but rather the X-Man.

- The original title of the Wu Tang's classic was "Xavier McDaniel Ain't Nothing Ta F' Wit" but before RZA could ask permission X choked him out.

- McDaniel considered entering the UFC until he learned of their "sissy" rules like no eye gauging or groin attacks.

- He once shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
- Whoever came up with the expression "I can put my arm back on, you can't" has never met Xavier McDaniel.
- The only reason the Sonics had to move to Oklahoma City is because McDaniel lost them in his weekly card game with Satan.

- Guess who insisted on human brains as part of his team's pre-game meal?

- He thinks Bill Laimbeer would have been a better player if he had played with more of a chip on his shoulder.

- Allegedly a referee called a foul on McDaniel once - we don't speak that referee's name any longer.

- And, finally, you know what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words:


  1. Two thoughts on Xavier McDaniel:

    1. To this very day, I still root for Wichita State because of him.

    2. He was born on the exact same day (6/4/1963) as my older sister.

  2. Two more thoughts on X-Man:

    1) He would destroy your sister in a cage fight.

    2) It would be a dream come true to see him make an appearance in Lego Land (except that would probably cause the rate of decapitations to spike).

  3. One of my favourite players ... wish today's NBA had more players like him.

  4. That's the problem with today's NBA - they have sterilized the game so much a tough, yet skilled, guy like Xavier wouldn't be welcome.